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Citizen watches are the best looking watches anywhere online, they are also the best selling and have become the biggest watch brand in the world. What we have here that is different to every other site and unique to us, is information about these Citizen watches in depth along with unique Citizen watch discount codes that no one else can get. We can also give you advice on Citizen watches that you just cannot find anywhere else.

What is so special about Citizen watches?

The fact Citizen watches are so reliable, they come with the longest guarantee, but after working in the online watch industry myself for years and I was amazed that none of them ever came back with a problem. From all the dozens of watch brands we used to sell online (when working for the biggest online watch sites), I found that none of them came close to the reliability of the Citizen watch range, and considering their top of the range models are some of the most technically advanced watches in the world, that is quite incredible. I can actually say that after working with these watches for over 6 years that in that time we only ever had one Citizen watch coming back with an error, after having sold hundreds of thousands on them?

So now you know, from the inside, that Citizen watches are the best made watches in the world today, they also look the best, the latest Citizen Red Arrows range looks better than anything else we have seen online. If you really want to know more about these great new models, feel free to drop us an email at anytime.

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The owner of this site spent years working with Citizen watches and knows all the tricks that go on, we can help you find the best models at the best prices and offer you inside information that no one else can find. For example, you may have noticed that the best models are always full RRP (even online) and yet if you buy it discounted from a non official stockist then your warranty will be void, even if they send you a warranty, unless it is stamped by an official stockist and this is just not worth the risk when you can get it from an official stockist at the same price with one of our unique Citizen watch discount codes.​

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The Citizen selection is one among the bestselling watch ranges, being distinguished for the exemplary building, extremely reliable actions and supplying a massive range of capabilities Citizen are certain to be around for another 100 years.

Citizen are acknowledged in making innovative improvements within the science of watch making with the technical developments, particularly the extremely remarkable Eco Drive motion. The Citizen Eco Drive watch motion present in most or even all men and women Citizen watches is honestly incredible, it never needs batteries.

The watche is powered by light any kind of light. The standard and strength of light decides how quick the watch may charge itself, on the average cloudy day though you may expect to get the full days cost after putting on it just 12 minutes.

Better still though is just how long the watch retains ticking once it's the full cost, most Citizen Watches could keep ideal time for of up to 6 months in total and utter darkness. As it pertains to capabilities Citizen watches look after all, with a sizable range of superbly crafted women diamond dress watches, purpose built divers watches, supreme sports watches and world time watches for globe trotters there in fact is something for everybody.

Nevertheless Citizen have another relatively distinctive feature that's not the convention amongst most watch brand names , Rc models. A number of the Citizen ranges that sport this phenomenal attribute range from the citizen red arrows watches, blue angel, pro master and citizen sky hawk A T watches.

Rc watches work by speaking with the closest atomic clock based on the current area, this means the watch retains excellent time. For versions that likewise have a continuous Diary the date can also be instantly altered for you so that you know more have to make these changes yourself.