Citizen BN0148-54E Royal Marines
​Commandos Limited Edition Watch

To wear a gorgeous and stylish limited edition wristwatch will make your day complete. Wristwatch for men is considered as one of the most important accessories that a man should wear to complete his outfit for the day. Talking about limited edition for men, Citizen is the leading brand that you can rely on when it comes on buying wristwatch suitable for stylish men. The company is considered as one of the leading wristwatch manufacturer. Citizen offers various wristwatch choices that may suit to your wants and needs. For sure, Citizen can give excellent wristwatch that you may suit to your preferences. One of the most favorite Citizen’s limited edition watches is Citizen BN0148-54E Royal Marines Commandos.

Citizen BN0148-54E Movement

Citizen BN0148-54E Royal Marines Commando’s watch movement is excellent. No doubt that it is considered as one of the most stunning wristwatches that you can buy. The watch movement of Citizen BN0148-54E Royal Marines Commandos is EcoDrive. To buy Citizen BN0148-54E Royal Marines Commandos is indeed a smart choice because it is a limited edition which means only 1000 people can use this product.

The Design of Citizen BN0148-54E Royal Marines Commandos

The overall design of the product is stunning. It suits to active and professional men who want to obtain fashionable wristwatch. It is powered by Citizen’s EcoDrive. It comes with great design that makes the product a stunning wristwatch that you must have. The product’s design comes with Silver bracelet made of metal and a color black dial. Citizen BN0148-54E Royal Marines Commandos comes with a data function which makes it more accessible and functional wristwatch for users.

Features of the Product

* Great Citizen Packaging
* Comes with 5 years guarantee
* Made of Titanium
* The case width is 43mm and the case depth is 12.5mm
* The material of product’s case is Stainless Steel
* Free strap size
* It is water resistant wristwatch
* It is a Push-button deployment clasp type

Edges of the Product
* Water Resistant- The Citizen’s limited item is water proof and it can withstand underwater up to 300 meters. It suits to users who are adventurous and love to use wristwatch while doing different activities.

* Made from reliable wristwatch manufacturer- Citizen is indeed considered as one of the most trusted manufacturers of wristwatch. The company assures all clients Citizen’s products are durable and effective.

* Great and Stylish Design- The overall components and design of the product make it as one of the most great wristwatches that you can have.

* Guaranteed warranty- Citizen offers 5 years guarantee and warranty to all buyers of Citizen products.

A Limited Edition Wristwatch!

Citizen BN0148-54E is a limited edition watch. Citizen manufactured only 1000 Citizen BN0148-54E wristwatches which means only 1000 people can buy this product. So, if you have Citizen BN0148-54E then it means you are one of lucky people who own Citizen BN0148-54E. To buy this Citizen’s limited edition is indeed a smart choice for people who love collecting great and functional wristwatches.

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