Citizen Red Arrow Watch

The Citizen Red Arrow Watch is a model of watch that is a UK only collection that consists of wide variations of the existing Atomic Time Citizen collector’s watch. It is uniquely designed and the red stitching makes it fashionably good for all types of occasions. It has branding on the dial with the Red Arrows livery on the back of its case. It does not require batteries as the watch can obtain energy through the use of light. The wrist-watch features have modernized look giving it a manly detail in a stainless steel case and comes in stainless steel or cow leather straps.

The watches that are produced by the Citizen brand are good buys as they are of high quality with a line of successful editions that have become famous worldwide. The Citizen watch is produced by the Citizen Holdings Company that is a Japanese corporate group which is based in Tokyo, Japan. They are the manufacturer of the Citizen watches that is known around the globe to be the world’s largest watch manufacturer. Their watches use the technology that they call the Eco-Drive that uses a battery recharging system that recharge through solar panels that are hidden behind the face of the watch. This technology is discontinued and replaced by automatic quartz power source. It also introduces a system that uses the ambient temperature of the human body to recharge but their watches that are recently produced depends on light charging that Citizen Red Arrow Watch also features.

The Citizen Red Arrow Watch also has Atomic Timekeeping that enables the watch to synchronize with radio clock of a number of countries and can automatically select the right frequency based on the location of the home time zone. The user can also swap the world and home zones, which give the watch the right time signal reception on a different country while retaining other time. Features like Daylight time saving, day and date are set automatically to synchronize the watch. The Citizen Red Arrow Watches are released to honor the Royal Air Force Red Arrows. It features 1/5 second Chronography that has 12/24 hour time with a screw-back case. It has 43 cities world time, analog displays, 24 hour 1 over 100 second chronograph with 99 minute Alarmed countdown timer and could survive up to 200 (660 feet) meters deep under water.

These chronograph watches have dual time with radio controls from four regions that includes Europe, the US, Japan and China that requires no batteries as they charge through the use of light source. It secures accuracy in time and never fails to awe its users with its ability to have multiple time zones up to 43 cities. The Citizen Red Arrow Watch are produced in limited edition and perfect to be a collector’s item watch and a memorabilia of the Royal Air Force Red Arrow. It has a presentable box that goes with it and with a five-year warranty with stainless steel case and non-reflective crystal.